From our customers

Zack is responsive, available and knows the NYC housing market inside and out. Zack was an invaluable part of our
buying and selling process. He also made our new apartment into a home with his interior design talents.

Real Estate + Interior Design Project

We initially developed a relationship with Zack when he and his team help design and furnish our apartment. When we
looked to sell that apartment, we chose Zack because of that trust we built. I truly believe that we were able to achieve a
great sale price because of not only his ability to market and sell but also because of the style and aesthetic of the unit. A great all-around experience.

Spencer and Stephanie
Real Estate + Interior Design Project

Zack and Craig seamlessly and easily helped me buy my place in Williamsburg while I was living in Los
Angeles. They had me covered from talking me out of buying potential money traps, masterfully negotiating
our deal, and beautifully updating our new home so we would arrive happy and content. But I really loved
them because they are good people and you know they have your back!

PJ Byrne
Real Estate + Custom Window Treatments

Zack was efficient knowledgeable, AVAILABLE and overall did an amazing job. I would HIGHLY recommend his company and his services.

Real Estate + Interior Design Project

Zack is a determined, nuanced, high-energy multi-tasker who thinks out of the box. After all, he combined his
career in interior design with residential real estate. Very 21st century. He's got a great sense of humor too.

Linda Dyett
Real Estate + Interior Design Project

We were referred to Zack because we wanted to work with a team which could help us from the initial stage of finding an apartment through the renovation and design of the space. Zack helped us find an apartment, created a future floor plan, managed our design budget and supervised the execution. We used his team for everything from custom cabinetry to window treatments and lighting fixtures. It was really helpful to have one single person to turn to with questions and ideas throughout this process.

Julie and Joe Bursky
Real Estate + Interior Design Project

Zack has been our go-to resource for design and renovation projects, ranging from small to huge, for the last 12 years. His keen and creative design eye combined with a tireless work ethic and ability to quickly solve any problem that arises has made him invaluable to our family. We love the spaces he's created for us, and we can rely on him at any time.

Real Estate + Multiple Interior Design Projects

Zack has designed four NYC apartments for our family over the years, three of which were major gut renovations. He has an impeccable eye, solves problems with speed and creativity, and is an easygoing, patient collaborator. He listens to every need and request, and always creates beautiful and functional spaces for us that we love.

Real Estate + Multiple Interior Design Projects